Cohabing and Marriage

Part of what makes marriage so special, in contrast to merely dating or cohabing, is that the partners get to prove that they love the other partner more than they love themselves. They do this by making a unique commitment to stay together, no matter what.  Without that undying and never-ending commitment that only exists in a marriage relationship, the needs of the self come first, to stay or go, because there is no commitment to be together forever.

That is the beauty of marriage above all other romantic relationships, it models God’s eternal commitment to us.  God will never leave you, nor forsake you, because he is committed to being with you and making that relationship work.  When that relationship sees good days and bad, God will always stay in the relationship.

With their inherent escape clause, no romantic relationship beside marriage will ever convey or experience the unique, unconditional, and safe love which God has made to us in His commitment.

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