One Partner For Life

Having only one partner for life is not the sacrifice one makes in marriage. The sacrifice one makes in marriage is giving up their singleness. Yet, in that perfect way that God redeems all things, once singleness is put on the altar, oneness with the beloved is received. The LORD said, after Adam delights in his bride-to-be, “…they shall become one flesh,” something that never would have occurred unless he sacrificed his singleness for oneness with her.

Truly, the bachelor who avoids the “old ball and chain” for liberty’s sake, results in him having no oneness at all.  In trying to stay unchained, he misses the fact that not all chains have the same purpose; they are not just used to tie one down, but are used to hold precious things together.

The sacrifice one makes when they try to have it all, is that they never really have anything in the process, because a relationship is not a quantity, it’s an entity. You can’t divide a relationship in half and have two as the result.  At that point, you’ve no relationship at all. Neither can one take only what they wish from a relationship and call what they have anything. At that point, devoid of the whole, they have nothing at all.

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