A Heart Worth Protecting

Good insight on a show that enraptures the female heart, will simultaneously and inherently letting it down.


Well, in case you missed it, The Bachelor ended Mondaynight.

And America’s boyfriend, Ben, got engaged.

I know. Pass the Ben & Jerry’s.


Ben’s popularity this season has beenunprecedented.

He’s handsome. A former quarterback. Christian. Midwestern. Loves his mama. Wears his heart on his sleeve.I mean, I even found myself saying, “I want a Ben!

I did! I saw the way he was looking at his now-fiance, and I got swept up in the romance and the sappy background music, and soft pink lighting. I fell for it. Thanks, ABC.

But falling asleep that night, something hit me.

Yes, Ben was a great guy: hewas kind, loving, open about his faith, had a good solid background, and a chiseled jawline to boot. But the fact is – he loved two women. At the same time.

All the fanfare and romance and showy drama of…

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